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04 de julio de 2023

Ant Bioblitz Results!

The results are in, 24 observations from 15 species! @pwilson96 won by species count, congrats!

Any future competition and/or bioblitz ideas, let me know.

@jtmartin54 @matthew_campbell @sharleen_j @ryan84 @abiggs2

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25 de julio de 2023

Butterfly Bioblitz!

"Well hello there"* Starting tomorrow and ending next Wednesday, July 26 - August 2 is the start of the annually Butterfly Bioblitz! It must be observed in SC during these dates and be a true Butterfly! Good luck!

  • ps... I did not get that from Star Wars

@pwilson96 @jtmartin54 @abiggs2 @sharleen_j @ryan84 @toxmace @matthew_campbell

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