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05 de septiembre de 2023

The First Kinglet

Hey everyone! South Carolina Committed Naturalists Society has grown so much recently, thanks all! Last year we did the kinglet competition before this was an official group and @jtmartin54 won. This is annual competition so we are hosting it again. Will the reigning champion reclaim his title or not? Have fun! It must be an alive with photo Golden or Ruby-crowned Kinglet, observed in the state of South Carolina, Sep-Oct of this year; or even later in the very rare chance that no one finds one. Spread the word for new members who can participate. Also I haven't been as active lately cause I have been travelling, piano, etc... If anyone has any future competition or bioblitzes ideas let me know.

Thanks! Have fun and may the best Inatter win!

If you find one put a link in the comments to the observation so I don't miss it ;)

@abiggs2 @captainmantis37 @jtmartin54 @kjmurph @matthew_campbell @norm_shea @patrickbelk @pwilson96 @ryan84 @sharleen_j @toxmace

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14 de septiembre de 2023

Bioblitz of South Carolina State Parks

Hello! Get out and explore South Carolina's natural beauty through our state park system; from majestic mountains to the soft sandy beaches! Please recruit fellow in agrees to join this group! Friday 15th through Monday the 18th of September! This will be an annual event. Who knows you might just find a kinglet, though that would be rare I would think. 🤔
This is the first of this annual bioblitz. Have fun!

You need to join the Bioblitz project if you plan on visiting a state park during the alotted time.

What should be the species count goal? Ambitious (300) or conservative (100). Comment below

@abiggs2 @captainmantis37 @jtmartin54 @kimiller @kjmurph @matthew_campbell @norm_shea @patrickbelk @pwilson96 @ryan84 @sharleen_j @toxmace

Thanks all!

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