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02 de enero de 2019


Hi! I went on a bird hike with Tina Green, Monica Nichols, and some other birders. The highlights were 2 NELSON'S SPARROW AND 2 NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL. The Nelson's Sparrow was so fast and so hard to find I couldn't get a photo of it! A couple Dunlins were present at Sherwood Point along with the Atlantic Brant,Horned Grebes, Loons (Not Pacific), and more! I will post the checklist later and I am sure @akiley is interested in this Journal Post! I am doing a event called "Big January" when birders try to find as much birds as they could during January. I have seen 49 species already!
Thanks for reading!

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05 de enero de 2019

Mew Gulls

Hello! I am trying to study Mew Gulls so if anybody knows about Mew Gulls (Any subspecies) please message me! I would really appreciate your help

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