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01 de mayo de 2016

Workflow for Identifying in Firefox

After some playing with hot keys in Firefox, I have got my workflow for identifying rather well refined. I thought to post it in case it helps anyone else, or anyone else has improvements.

I only recently learned the hot keys to move to the next tab (Control
Tab), open in a new tab (Control click on the link) and duplicate tab (Control Refresh). Also, Control
W, which is close tab, has been useful. That really sped the process up a

1. Learn to identify something. This is the hard part, there never fails to be some almost identical species making this difficult.

2. Open the iNaturalist Observations page and search for that species.

  1. Go to filters and hit the more filters button. Click on the No button next to reviewed. This stops me from duplicating old work. I also typically hit the Needs ID checkbox so I only get observations which can be made research grade. If I was an expert on one group of species I would probably skip that and check all observations of the species.
  2. Hold down control and click on reload current page. This duplicates the tab. I then move the tab to a new window. This is so I can more quickly close all my tabs later, and so I don't have to reset the filters.

    5. Hold down the control button and click on every observation on the first page. This opens each observation in a separate tab.
  3. Hit Control Tab. This moves me to the next tab.
  4. Either hit agree, propose a different identity, or give up.
  5. Hit Control Tab again. This moves to the observation in the next tab.
  6. Repeat step 7 and 8 until all observations have been checked.

    10. Close out of the window, and return to the window with the original search.
  7. Return to step 1.
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