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20 de agosto de 2022

Commercial Flash Diffusers

Haven't been entirely happy with the amount of light I get to the subject with my home-made globe flash diffuser . So I was thinking through what I could do to improve it.

Turns out, in the past few years the macro diffuser market has really matured. Before, I couldn't find anything good unless I was willing to spend about $700 on a dual flash setup which was rather fussy. Now the Pope Shield Diffuser appears to be almost a duplicate of what I built. A large plastic diffuser connected to the threads of the lens plus a cover to keep light in it. The cover looks to do a lot better job of directing the light where it is needed though.

Also, it appears that AK Diffuser has a really good model with a similar concept. Both of those really make good photography a lot easier than anything before them.

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