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01 de enero de 2017

Sample Preparation

With my new setup, I am starting to get remarkably detailed images of arthropods. Better yet, since I am still working out the details of how the system works I expect them to improve quite a bit over the next few weeks. If I don't already, I expect to have the photographic capability to create identifiable photos of most arthropods in the near future when I get a 10X microscope objective.

What I very much do not have though is the knowledge and skill to prepare samples and know what to photograph to ensure I have the correct details for an ID to be made. In the case of ants, I was given this wonderful guide that at least gives me a road map to get where I need to be. It really looks like with it and my setup I should be able to get identifiable photos of most ant species if I take the time to properly prepare them.

Other arthropods look more tricky. In particular, it appears that I will need to pick up a few more important skills such as dissection and slide mounting. Does anyone have good guides for what I would need to do to properly prepare flies, wasps, spiders, aphids, mites, leaf hoppers, beetles, or similar small arthropods? Ideally, I would like a set of procedures which I could follow to be sure I had and all the correct photos of it for an expert on that taxon to be able to identify it to species and a properly preserved specimen in case it is something special. At the moment, I have no idea how difficult this will be, but it seems like for at least a few of those groups it should be something I can learn to do with a bit of practice.

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