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18 de enero de 2016

Berry Springs Preserve, 16Jan2016

Five people came early and checked on nine of the 10 Eastern Bluebird nestboxes in the park - two were missing their nail latches (a new nail was added to each), and box #1 needs an entrance hole restrictor (the hole had been enlarged, probably by a woodpecker). Bar soap was applied to the inside walls and ceilings of all nestboxes in order to deter paper wasps from attaching their nests.

One person left and another person joined us for herping half an hour before sunset, and we stayed until an hour after sunset. No frogs or toads were seen or heard, but coyotes called at 18:15, and we saw four Crested Caracara fly overhead. Since the "observation" can't be added without any IDs, below is the physical data:

of People in Party = 5

Activity Duration (Hours) = 1.5
Air Temperature (deg F) = 48
Water Temperature (deg F) = 62
Sky = No or few clouds
Water Level = Average
Relative Humidity at Sunset (%) = 44

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