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18 de noviembre de 2019

Berry Springs Preserve Herps of Texas report, 16Nov2019

The monthly amphibian monitoring at Berry Springs Park and Preserve carried on as usual during the Good Water Master Naturalist chapter's picnic, and because of this concurrent activity we had a number of new folks join us. I stopped counting at 19, and there were at least three little guys enjoying the adventure with the big kids. Unfortunately, no frogs or toads were seen or heard (there had been a freeze for the last six consecutive mornings, so we couldn't blame them for not being active), but the middle slough springhead was flowing again (after being dry for the last two months), bats were heard on the bat detector after dark, and we all had a nice walk.
The monitoring period was 17:35 - 18:35.
Participants were Kathy, Christie, Jim, Keri, Lynne & Walter, Helen (welcome !), Mike, Diane, Bekki, Krystal, Randy & Sandra, Thomas & Binnur (welcome !), Mary Gail (welcome !), and Lisa & Kayden & William (welcome !).
Environmental conditions at the middle slough springhead at sunset:

  • Air temperature = 50.9 deg F
  • Water temperature = 60 deg F
  • Sky = No/few clouds
  • Water level = Average (at the main pond)
  • Relative humidity = 35 %
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