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13 de mayo de 2018

Lake Creek Dam Herps of Texas report, 12May2018

It was a great night at Lake Creek Dam this month - four people observed six species of frogs and toads (four with photo and/or recording documentation) and two species of snakes (both with photo documentation). The weather was warm and dry. Several deer were in the downstream creek bed when we arrived, and a Great Blue Heron was on the dam. Lots of swallows (probably Cliff Swallows) and two Chimney Swifts were seen flying over the water before sunset, and at least one bat was seen after sunset.
Blanchard's Cricket Frogs (Call Index = 2, photos, recordings) were in the creek, and Green Treefrogs (CI = 2, a recording) were in the trees at the north end of the dam (plus others in the distance both upstream and downstream). A couple of Rio Grande Leopard Frogs (CI = 1) called at sunset from the cattails at the north end of the dam, and an American Bullfrog (CI = 1) called after sunset in the distance upstream, but no documentation was obtained for them.
After about 40 minutes at the dam, we went to the dry limestone block wall north of the creek. Several Gulf Coast Toads (CI = 0, photos) were wedged in the cracks, and one was also out on the grass. One Rio Grande Chirping Frog (CI = 0, photos) was seen on the wall, as well. Three Mediterranean Geckos were on the wall, and several mated pairs of small Walking Sticks were on the wall and sidewalk.
On the way back to the cars, there was a Texas Blind Snake (photos) on the sidewalk, and a Rough Earth Snake (photos) next to the sidewalk. A scorpion next to the sidewalk looked cool under the black light.
The monitoring period was 20:15 - 21:45.
Participants were Kathy, Carolyn, Ruthann, and Reggie.
Environmental conditions at the creek at sunset:

  • Air temperature = 82.9 deg F
  • Water temperature = 80 deg F
  • Sky = No/few clouds
  • Water level = Average
  • Relative humidity at sunset = 41 %
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20 de mayo de 2018

Berry Springs Preserve Herps of Texas report, 19May2018

The weather was breezy and pleasant at Berry Springs Preserve that evening. We heard a cicada and saw several Common Nighthawks, Chimney Swifts, and swallows (probably Cliff Swallows) flying over the orchard and ponds before sunset. A Redstripe Ribbon Snake and a Blotched Water Snake were seen hunting along the shoreline after sunset.
It was the night of the Green Tree Frogs ! They were calling (max Call Intensity = 2) from the trees that were across the slough as we walked down to the ponds, and they also called quite often from the trees that were between the ponds and the creek throughout the entire monitoring period. Two American Bullfrogs (CI = 1) each called just once, along with a few Rio Grande Leopard Frogs (max CI = 2) and lots of Blanchard's Cricket Frogs (max CI = 3). No photos were obtained, but recordings were collected for all four species.
Beaver update: Mike said that he had seen a beaver kit with its Mom and Dad on his game camera. Yay !
The monitoring period was 20:20 - 21:20.
Participants were Kathy, Heike, Alexis & Peter & Juan (welcome, Juan !), Nancy (welcome !), Amy & Mike, Diane, Reggie, and Mike.
Environmental conditions at the main pond at sunset:

  • Air temperature = 81.5 deg F
  • Water temperature = 77.5 deg F
  • Sky = No/few clouds
  • Water level = Average
  • Relative humidity at sunset = 46 %
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