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25 de marzo de 2021

Berry Springs Preserve Herps of Texas report, 23Mar2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there was no group outing to Berry Springs Park and Preserve again this month. However, three people wearing face masks checked on the amphibians while staying at least six feet apart from each other at all times.
Three amphibian species were observed in the slough by the playground, the main ponds, and the ditch in the pecan orchard: Rio Grande Leopard Frog (CI = 2), Blanchard's Cricket Frog (CI = 3), and American Bullfrog (CI = 3 max; my recordings are only CI = 1). One possible Green Tree Frog was briefly heard (CI = 1) at the middle slough springhead, but no recordings were obtained.
The puddle at the middle slough springhead was twice as big as last month's puddle, and the water level was average in the slough by the playground and main ponds. According to the USGS gauge station at the South Fork of the San Gabriel River at Georgetown (, there had been 0.6 inches of rain the night before our monitoring.
Two coyotes, several deer, and a Crested Caracara were seen at sunset, and a Barred Owl and nearby pet peacocks were heard after sunset.
The monitoring period was 19:40 - 20:40.
Participants were Kathy, Christie, and Carolyn.
Environmental conditions at the middle slough springhead at sunset:
Air temperature = 63.3 deg F
Water temperature = 70.5 deg F
Sky = no/few clouds
Water level = below average at springhead, average at main ponds
Relative humidity = 38 %

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