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16 de marzo de 2022

Bittacus chilensis cave frequenting note

Cave-frequenting habit of Bittacus chilensis.—In a letter just received from Mr. E. C. Reed, of Baiios de Cauquenes, Chile, there is a note concerning the habits
of -B. chilensis, the finest species of the genus, which, is certainly worth placing on
record. He says : —" Twice I have found our Bittacus in caves. Last year I found swarms in an old mine ; this week (towards end of November) ditto in a deep hole. Otherwise specimens are rare." My personal experience is limited to B. tipularius, and (on one occasion only) B. Sagenii, the two European species. They frequent
herbage, much after the style of their allies the Panorpce, and their flight is similar
to that of the Tipulcs they mimic. So far as I am aware no previous observation
as to cavernicolous habits has been recorded for any species.—R. McLachlan,
Lewisham : January 9th, 1894.

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