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23 de abril de 2023

Santa Fe Bucketlist

Some bucketlist Arthropods I will be searching for this June with notes on habitat (in varying levels of detail) :)

Raphidioptera (Agulla ssp.) - Generally forests (and scrubland?) between 3,000 and 7,000 feet, although sometimes higher. Larvae under bark or around groundlitter, rocks, and roots
Desert millipede - around ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Speleketor - caves 🙃(entrances?), palm leaves (so maybe Yucca?), light traps
Troglosphaeropsocus voylesi - caves 🙃, leaf litter? (I hope)
Loneura - Mountains (documented from Arizona, so probably not)
Asiopsocus sonorensis - near streams, evergreen oaks, yucca, grape, juniper (southwest?)
Lachesillidae ssp. - leafitter, grassland, dead grass, coniferous trees
Elipsocidae ssp. - coniferous trees, leaflitter, dead grass, tree trunks
Bittacus texanus - Found in Albuquerque at El Morro in September, phenology likely May-October with peaks in June and September, the latter seemingly being larger. Shade and moisture apparently not as essential as for other Bittacids. The Albuquerque sighting was in a sandy plain with Bouteloua and Salvia at ~7000ft.
Panorpa lugubris -Extremely unlikely and if locality is accurate then likely southern New Mexico

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