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03 de diciembre de 2022

Documented diets of the Mecoptera (WIP)

Panorpa lugubris: In captivity: Odontoxiphidium apterum, Schistocerca americana, Panorpa lugubris

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16 de diciembre de 2022

Updated checklist of the extant Mecoptera (2023) (WIP)






Notiothauma (MacLachlan 1877)
-N. reedi (MacLachlan 1877)






M'Lachlan, R. (1877), XXVII. On Notiothauma Reedi, a remarkable new genus and species of Neuroptera from Chili, pertaining to the family Panorpidæ. Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, 25: 427-430.

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19 de diciembre de 2022

Inaturalist observations of Mecoptera subjected to phoretic arthropods and parasites (WIP)


Female Panorpidae: (No. parasites visible: 2. Location: head right mid-leg femur.) (No. parasites visible: 1. Location: left foreleg tibia.) (No. parasites visible: ~6. Location: All over head, pronotum, and metanotum.) (No. parasites visible: 1. Location: Left side of metanotum.) (No. parasites visible: 3. Location: pronotum; left side of metanotum; ~left epimeron.) (No. parasites visible :2. Location: right side of metanotum behind wings; back of left side of pronotum.) (No. parasites visible: 1. Location: 1st tergum.) (No. parasites visible: 5. Location: Right side of pronotum; left side of 1st tergum; right side of metanotum.) (No. parasites visible: 2. Location: ~left side of submentum; 1st tergum.) (No. parasites visible: 3. Location: Left side of pronotum, right side of mesonotum, left side of metanotum.)

Male Panorpidae: (No. parasites visible: 1. Location: ~mesopleuron.) (No. parasites visible: 1. Location: genital bulb; ~right basistyle.) (No. parasites visible: 4. Location: ~1st tergum.) (No. parasites visible: 1. Location: left side of metanotum; under wing.) (No. parasites visible: 1. Left side ~pronotum; between wings.) (No. parasites visible: 1. underneath base of left forewing.)

Mating Panorpidae: (No. parasites visible: 2. Location on male: ~pronotum. Location on female: left compound eye.)


Mating Panorpidae: (No. parasites visible ~16. Location: on nuptial gift and also leaf covered in hemolymph. Parasite: likely Phoridae.)

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30 de diciembre de 2022

Commonly misidentified and superficially "Homologous" taxa relating to Scorpionflies (Mecoptera)

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