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30 de abril de 2019

Psyllid species on BugGuide but not yet on iNat

iNat's representation of psyllid diversity continues to grow, currently represented by 211 species globally and 118 species in North America (about a third of the US fauna). But there are still holes, especially in central/eastern USA as well as Alaska, and 31 nearctic species are still absent on iNat despite being present on BugGuide. Let's fill the gaps!

Aphalara monticola - western Canada
Aphalara persicaria - eastern USA
Craspedolepta angustipennis - widespread on Achillea millefolium
Craspedolepta schwarzi - Canada and Alaska on Chamaenerion angustifolium
Craspedolepta suaedae - southwestern USA on Suaeda
Craspedolepta subpunctata - Canada and Alaska on Chamaenerion angustifolium
Gyropsylla ilecis - conspicuous gall inducers on Ilex vomitoria from FL to TX. It's possible the galls may already be on iNat but unidentified
Pachypsylla celtidisinteneris - central US from OH-KS-TX on Celtis
Pachypsylla cohabitans - widespread eastern US on Celtis - look for very lumpy nipple galls!

Calophya flavida - eastern USA on Rhus glabra

Livia bifasciata - northeastern USA and Canada on Juncus canadensis
Livia maculipennis - northeastern USA and Canada on Juncus acuminatus
Livia saltatrix - northeastern USA and Canada on Carex
Livia vernaliforma - western USA on Carex
Livia vernalis added 5/7/19 by mokennon

Pseudophacopteron - AZ, FL. Host unknown
Notes: iNat currently has no photos of this entire family from any region

Amorphicola pallida - Central USA (IA, MN, KS, NE) on Amorpha canescens
Cacopsylla fatsiae - CA, BC on Fatsia japonica (introduced)
Cacopsylla negundinis - NM east to OH north to AB & MB, on Acer negundo
Cacopsylla ribesiae - Western USA on Ribes
Cacopsylla sinuata - Canada and Alaska on Salix
Cacopsylla striata - northern USA and Canada on Betula
Psylla betulaenanae - Alaska on Betula nana

Bactericera athenae - FL, KS, IN. Host unknown
Calinda longicaudata - AZ-TX on Baccharis pteronioides
Ceropsylla sideroxyli - gall inducer in South Florida on Sideroxylon foetidissimum
Hemitrioza sonchi - eastern US supposedly on Sonchus arvensis (?)
Heterotrioza chenopodii - adventive on Chenopodium
Neotriozella pyrifolii - eastern US, host unknown.
Trioza aylmeriae - northern US and Canada on Amelanchier
Trioza quadripunctata - widespread on Urtica

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