BioSurvey in Carrollton - TC Rice Nature Area, June 11, 9 AM - noonish

Hey all!

Just giving updates on an upcoming bioblitz/biosurvey in Carrollton this Saturday (June 11) from 9 AM to noon. Here's some more information about the location...

TC Rice Is a 260+ acre floodplain area nestled below the 35E and 121 overpasses on the SE corner. The City of Carrollton is going to decide how to manage and what to do with this land soon. So, ideally, we want to show them that there's a lot of biodiversity here!

Here's the exact pin location via google maps:,-96.9495472,602m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x6a1b785f996dec93!2sTC+Rice+Nature+Area!8m2!3d32.9954811!4d-96.9497986!3m4!1s0x0:0x6a1b785f996dec93!8m2!3d32.9954811!4d-96.9497986
Here's the GPS:
32.995659, -96.949330

More directions:
There is 1 small road from the Northbound access rd just north of Frankford and 35E.
Directions from Denton:
Go South on 35E
Exit Frankford
Loop around to head 35E northbound. Stay on access road, and look for BioBlitz marker signs.
Directions from Dallas: northbound 35E. Exit Whitlock, stay on access road and head north. Pass Frankford, and look for BioBlitz signs on your right.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let me know! You can text me: 214 215 5605 or toss me a message here or an email:

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(that was meant as a joke, not a insult)

Publicado por sageost hace casi 2 años

now seriously speaking...
@carrie_reeves @mhope90

Publicado por sageost hace casi 2 años

Sounds great, I will be there!

Publicado por sam_dragon-moore hace casi 2 años

If only my best friend's son wasn't getting married this Saturday! Thanks for the tag, Sam; I look forward to seeing (and helping identify) what everyone observes!

Publicado por kathrynwells333 hace casi 2 años

I'm planning on being there. New area to check out, always fun!

Publicado por annikaml hace casi 2 años

I don't think I can make it, but good luck, and stay safe in the heat everyone!!!

Publicado por observerjosh hace casi 2 años

@sageost haha not this weekend!

Publicado por wildskyflower hace casi 2 años

Wow, interesting location! Looking forward to it!

Publicado por saltyhiker hace casi 2 años

Thanks for the invite! I'll try and make it there!

Publicado por baxter-slye hace casi 2 años

Planning on being there! It will be HOT

Publicado por daniel112 hace casi 2 años

Hey all! Just wanted to toss an update about parking -- sure, it will be kinda tight, but the gate to the dirt road will indeed be open, so we can drive through and park in the field by the electric lines. Here's what it looks like from google streetview:,-96.949968,3a,75y,33.01h,82.19t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_SVcueQlSpN_Z9s2wejmBQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

You'll notice my blue mazda with license plate "SAMBIO" (my work truck will be in the shop) outside of the gate. I'll be standing out there too -- probably already catching bugs at 9 AM!

Oh, and as @daniel112 mentions -- it may be warm. :) Bring gallons of water, sunscreen, bug spray, snake books, portable air conditioner, whatever it is you may need. :)

Please save my # 214 215 5605. Toss me a text or let me know if you have any concerns or questions!

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 2 años

Still out of state but I'll catch y'all on the next one!

Publicado por k8thegr8 hace casi 2 años

I'll try to make it. I have an early meeting, but I think I can get there by 10 am.

Publicado por sahi2018 hace casi 2 años

Re: parking. Since we can drive up to the railroad tracks/utility easement it shouldn't be a problem, but if anyone in the Farmers Branch, south side of Carrollton, or Addison wants a ride, I would be happy to pick you up on the way there. Shoot me a text, 972 338 0651.

Publicado por chuckwilliamson hace casi 2 años

I know this is late but I am planning on coming out there tomorrow, looking forward to it! I believe in one of these announcements I was promised snakes- also hoping for some great odes.

Publicado por jblinde hace casi 2 años

Unfortunately something came up and I have to cancel. Hopefully next time :(

Publicado por daniel112 hace casi 2 años

It was a warm day today filled with mosquitoes, but I had a blast! The observations are coming in -- I predict that we'll have some pretty good numbers in a week or so. If you want to see what we saw:
Again, these are numbers and data to show city council and parks and rec that there is biodiversity and an active constituency of naturalists that need places that contain (and preserve!) that biodiversity. :)

More events like this in the future! Stay tuned.

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 2 años

@sambiology, when I was groping to remember the name of the grindelia yesterday, you mentioned Nettleleaf Noseburn. While photographing some there (and not knowing what it was), I barely brushed the back of one finger on it without noticing. The "without noticing" didn't last long, though. 😆

Publicado por chuckwilliamson hace casi 2 años

Oh yeah those sting like heck XD

Publicado por daniel112 hace casi 2 años

Ah! So sorry I missed this.

Publicado por katelyn3 hace casi 2 años

So sorry I missed this!! We gone most of the day. Thanks for me know about it. Hope to attend another soon. Thanks for organizing these, Sam.

Publicado por txstack hace casi 2 años

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