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01 de julio de 2014

Winner of May Photo-observation of the Month

The May photo-observation contest winner by popular vote was by Kent McFarland. His macro photograph of a Giant Water Bug brought out the science fiction love in some of us. This one showed up at his black light on his back deck while mothing. Check it out at Get outside and add your discoveries and you could be a June winner!

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06 de julio de 2014

Vote for the June Observation of the Month

Voting is now open for the June photo-observation, I mean sound-observation of the month. That's right, sound. This month, to highlight the amazing return of bird song to Vermont with spring and the fact that you can record and add amazing sounds right from your smartphone, we're highlighting sounds. Take a listen to the following sounds and pick your favorite. It won't be easy! With National Moth Week in July, get out and photograph moths and you could be a winner in July as we focus the contest on moths.

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10 de julio de 2014

Schedule of Events for the Vermont Atlas of Life BioBlitz at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP!

Part scientific endeavor, part festival, and part education, the BioBlitz at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park will bring together leading scientists, naturalists, and community members of all ages to find and document as many species as possible in one day at the park as part of the Vermont Atlas of Life. Step outside with us and become part of a growing network of "citizen scientists". Curiosity required, no experience necessary! A BioBlitz is an intensive one-day study of biodiversity in a specific location, bringing scientists and volunteer citizen-scientists together. We’ll look for birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies, insects, spiders, trees, flowers, mushrooms, and more!

People of all ages and skill levels are welcome! Bring your smart phone for sure. Bonus: camera, binoculars, magnifying glasses, butterfly nets, gardening gloves, and other goodies if you've got ‘em. We'll enter observations in iNaturalist and maintain eBird and e-Butterfly lists for the day. Don't have an iNat account yet? No problem! Sign up for an iNaturalist account, then download the app for your iPhone or Android device.

Watch the biodiversity tally live on our iNaturalist BioBlitz page and add your observations too!

Festivities begin at July 19th at 7am and last until after dusk under the moth lights. Come at anytime. We'll be headquartered at the Forest Center building near route 12. Need more info? Call 802-457-3368 x22 for more information.

Schedule of Events

Whether you join one of the survey events below or strike out on your own, there are hundreds of species of plants and animals for us to discover in the park. No experience necessary! Come to the BioBlitz headquarters at the Forest Center and learn how to use iNaturalist, eBird or eButterfly and check out the live species tally and map on the wall as observers like you discover the park’s biodiversity!

7-9am Birds (meet at the Forest Center) Leaders: Kent McFarland, Vermont Center for Ecostudies and Kyle Jones, Ecologist, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP.

9 –11am Trees (meet at Forest Center and end at Pogue) Scott Davison, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP ranger.

10-11am General Botany (meet at Forest Center) with Charlie Hohn, Ecologist and iNaturalist Guru.

10-12pm – Butterflies (meet at Pogue) with Kent McFarland, Director of Vermont Butterfly Survey and

10-11am – Insect Traps (meet at the Forest Center) with State Entomologist Alan Graham.

10 – 11:30am Jr. Ranger Program (meet at Forest Center) with Park Intern Carmen Bango

11pm Dragonflies (meet at the Pogue) with Mike Blust, Prof. Emeritus Green Mountain College.

11-1pm Bring Your Own Lunch and join us either at the Forest Center, or with the Dragonfly group at the Pogue

12pm Aquatic Invertebrates (meet at Forest Center) with Alan Graham.

1-2pm – Bumble Bees (meet at Forest Center) with Sara Zahendra, VT Center for Ecostudies biologist.

1 – 2:30pm Jr. Ranger Program (meet at Forest Center) with Park Intern Carmen Bango

2 –3pm Ferns (meet at Forest Center and end at Pogue) with Kyle Jones

3 – 5pm Butterflies (meet at the Forest Center) with Kent McFarland

4-5pm – Wildflowers (meet at Forest Center ) with Julia Lynam, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP ranger.

8 –10pm Moths Under the Lights (at the Forest Center) with Kent McFarland and Kyle Jones

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17 de julio de 2014

Quick Tip: Add from Your Observations

Many of us forget to add the iNaturalist Vermont project to our observations. You can check if you have any observations in the iNaturalist system that can be shared with our project, or any project you belong to for that matter, with a click of the mouse. On the right hand side bar on the project page you will see a link that says - Add from your observations. Click on that link and follow the directions on the screen.

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24 de julio de 2014

BioBlitz a Blast

The Vermont Atlas of Life BioBlitz at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP was a huge success. With over 50 participants helping with the scavenger hunt, we have logged nearly 300 specie and over 700 observations and growing! We added dozens of new species to the park checklists. Check out the results on the bioblitz project page at

We still need your help. There are plenty of observations that need to be identified to species or increased to 'research grade'. We have hundreds of moths we are still photographing and uploading for example. The work in the field is fun, but so is work in the lab! Thanks again to all of you that have participated.

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28 de julio de 2014

June Observation of the Month: Eastern Whip-poor-will

The June contest focused on observations submitted with sound recordings to celebrate the return of song to the forest and fields during breeding season. By popular vote, Kyle Jone's recording of an Eastern Whip-poor-will won hands down. Have a listen at This month is National Moth Week. Kyle will be selecting photos of moths for the July vote. THere's still time to get your awesome moth photo-observations submitted to iNaturalist Vermont, a project of the Vermont Atlas of Life.

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