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4 de agosto de 2014

Vote for July Observation of the Month

National Moth Week was in July, so we made moths our iNaturalist Vermont observation of the month category. With over 1,000 Lepidoptera to look through this month (way to go iNatters!), it took some time, but Kyle Jones settled on these six for voting. Have a look at them, and make your vote by leaving a comment on this post.

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14 de agosto de 2014

July Photo-observation of the Month Winner

National Moth Week was in July, so we made moths our iNaturalist Vermont observation of the month category. There were over 1,000 amazing moth photo-observations submitted to iNaturalist Vermont. Out of the six finalists chosen by Kyle Jones, the Virgin Tiger Moth submitted by Sue Elliot edged out the others in a close online vote. Check it out at Discover, document and upload your observations to iNaturalist Vermont, a project of the Vermont Atlas of Life, and you could be an August winner!

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19 de agosto de 2014

Help Make Observations 'Research Grade' on iNaturalist Vermont

We all love sharing the amazing biodiversity we are finding across the Green Mountain State and beyond. Together, we've topped 3,000 species with nearly 40,000 observations in just over a year. But there is more we can do. Help us make this dataset even better by adding your identification to other observer's records. Its super easy and fun.

Click on 'Observations' on the right side bar of iNaturalist Vermont. Select 'search' on the right top. Then, under quality grade select 'casual'. If you hit search, there are over 12,000 observations without a second identification to help make them research grade. To narrow it down, try adding a taxon name, perhaps a favorite group you are good at identifying. I typed in frog and got 'frogs and toads'. I selected that option, hit search and got 79 observations to work on. Try it out and help us make this database stronger and help other users learn.

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