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05 de febrero de 2015

Vote for the January Photo-Observation of the Month

Last month's winner, Erika Mitchell, selected 10 photo-observations as finalists from over 440 January images. With your help, one of these will be crowned the January winner. Please comment indicating the numbers of your favorite shots. You get 3 votes. Place them wherever you'd like. You can put them all with one photo-observation or spread them out. The choice is yours. And be sure to get your photo-observations entered this month for a chance to be the February winner!

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12 de febrero de 2015

January Photo-observation Winner

Congratulations to iNaturalist Vermont user "rebelgirl73" for winning the January photo-observation of the month. Last month's winner, Erika Mitchell, selected 10 photo-observations as finalists for popular vote by iNaturalist Vermont users. An image of a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) staring at us in a snow covered field won by popular vote. Check it out at Make sure you get outdoors and record the biodiversity around you and submit it to iNaturalist Vermont, a project of the Vermont Atlas of Life, and you could be a winner this month!

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26 de febrero de 2015

Make a Map of Your Vermont Observations

Would you like to see a heat map of all the places you've recorded data in Vermont and beyond? It's easy to do.

  1. Find your user ID number. Just go to your profile and look at the number in the URL. Here's mine: I am 317.
  2. Copy and paste this URL in your browser:
    and replace my number 317 with your's.

  3. Hit enter and explore your sightings. Zoom in to a location and the blocks will change to dots of sightings you can click on and see what they are. Zoom out and see where you've been across the world.

Here's a heatmap of all the sightings for iNaturalist Vermont - We've covered a lot of the state!

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