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06 de enero de 2019

Witter Lane - Hunt for the Elusive Woodpecker

A few weeks ago - before the recent eBird reports, I thought I saw the Pileated Woodpecker fly away from a dead tree. It flew down a private road that I do not travel (these poor people put up with enough birders on the public part of the roadway). I was excited, but there was no repeat.

But then the eBird sigtings began again. [I say again because the last time the ponds were full here - in 2016 - I read reports of the Pileated Woodpecker sightings with interest. It is the reason I knew this would be a good place for "drive-by" birding when I was laid low by vertigo for weeks.] A number of people heard it and saw it. One report includes a photo. So I continue my monitoring, but with an eye open for the woodpecker even as I document "the usual suspects."

Birder traffic has picked up as well. Today I did not make the whole "dog-leg" as a birder was stopped ahead of me and I didn't want to disturb his viewing. I can wait. I'll be back.

Today - I saw a number of kestrels (I took photos of 2), a Red-tailed Hawk, Gadwells, a crow, and the Belted Kingfisher. I say "the" because she is always at the turtle pond - or almost always there. She's been around the entire time I have monitored. One of the eBirders calls the pond the "Kingfisher Pond." I will continue with turtle pond as 20+ turtles win over one kingfisher in my book.

There were also two mockingbirds that didn't cooperate with me as I moved along to a few other spots.

[It almost seems one cannot swing a stick without hitting a Red-Tailed Hawk. So I am taking advantage of it and getting the photos I can.]

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