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07 de enero de 2016

Pretty big news for Sammy boy! TPWD job!

So, I have some fairly exciting news -- I got a new job! Not to say that I have been unhappy in the least in my current job as the 'nature guy' for the city of Mansfield, but this new job will hopefully extend a bit of my reach, and that's a good thing. I'll be a Texas Parks and Wildlife Urban Biologist for Dallas/Fort Worth! My job will still be geared towards my life goal: to promote an awareness and appreciation of the flora and fauna in and around DFW. I foresee some really interesting challenges in the new job, and I'm really quite excited. And yes, I'll still be posting observations and cluttering up dashboards here on iNat. :)

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23 de enero de 2016

El Paso with my fellow urban biologists -- excitement for my upcoming role. :)

So, this week was my first week with TPWD, and on my first day, I traveled 9 hours to El Paso! I got to meet some of really incredible people that I will be working with -- it's really exciting (albeit quite overwhelming, in all honesty). I also spent 18+ hours in the truck with my coworker here in DFW too -- it was really great! :)

Stay tuned for some fun observations from El Paso!

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26 de enero de 2016

Add any and all observations from Cedar Hill State Park to this project!

Welcome! Thanks for checking out the iNaturalist project for Cedar Hill State Park. It's a great place to come and explore, so be sure to bring your camera when you come! We'll all try to document as many different organisms as we can. Hopefully, this project will lead to the creation of digital field guides for the birds, bugs, plants, fungi, or any other group of critters found here in the park.

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