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06 de agosto de 2016

07 de agosto de 2016

New observers and ID's needed!

Hey friends,

I've noticed quite a few new users of iNat, and with the new users come a LOT of new observations... A LOT of these observations then need some ID's! So, if you have some spare time, scroll through the ID please section. It's a great way to welcome the new users, and it inspires them to get more observations and higher quality observations too.

Here is a link with the filters that I use... I deselect the "needs ID" -- I've found that some observations are mis-ID'ed (I'm not throwing stones because I've been wrong thousands of times when I give ID's to folks!).

And hey, use the comments too -- be sure to say "neat observation" or something along those lines.

I got into iNat because of the welcoming community, so I sure want to reciprocate that welcome. Hope you do too! Thanks to everyone that's already been doing lots of ID's!

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29 de agosto de 2016

Big Bend Nature Fest -- great time and bounty of observations

Elizabeth and I just got back from the Big Bend Nature Fest (, and we had a magnificent time. It rained every day, and Big Bend was painted with green as a response -- the plants were having just as good of a time as we did! :)

I took pictures of nearly every living thing in all of Big Bend too. ;) Stay tuned for a flooded dashboard of observations! Also, I will try to upload them first, and then work on ID's... I'll have a lot of work to do to narrow down some of the plants and bugs, but it's great fun too. :)

Also, it re-motivated me to explore more and more. iNaturalist is the tool that I'll take with me -- it's a wonderful companion.

Special thanks to @greglasley @gcwarbler @earthgrazer for making this trip especially wonderful. :)

Stay tuned!

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