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18 de agosto de 2020

Blacklighting at LBJ - Saturday, August 29

Woo hoo! Meghan @wildcarrot is back in TX, so we're going to celebrate with some mothing/black-lighting at LBJ on Saturday, August 29th! Who wants to come?!? Of course, we'll practice some social distancing to keep everyone safe.

The next question is what unit(s) should we blacklight... There are quite a few in the LBJ grasslands:

One particularly interesting spot has some pretty old pine trees:

Other spots have some camping available too.

Chime in if you want to come, and where you want to blacklight. :) I doubt we'll be anywhere with electricity, but I've got about 5 set-ups that would work.

Oh, and tag anyone you think would be interested too. I'll tag a few of the 'moth-lings' in the comments. ;)

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21 de agosto de 2020

How to use iNaturalist -- youtube videos

So, every now and then, I love to see the videos about iNaturalist on youtube or vimeo. First of all, the iNat folks (@tiwane) has made some really good ones:

As I was checking today, @cmeckerman did some EXCELLENT how-to vids on using iNaturalist -- from the app to the website and the grading process. Awesome.

@carrieseltzer did another really good presentation to the Ecological Society of America that highlights some of the research too:

@joemdo did a cool one on blacklighting in Florida too:

It's also fun to search on some of the more recent iNat videos on youtube too:

And check out @donovanmoxley 's great iNat videos too:

So great to see all of these videos. :)

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26 de agosto de 2020

BioBlitz RULZ! :)

Here are the general "rules" for the bioblitz:

  1. Observations must be made between September 6 - 12.

    So, one second after midnight on Sept 6 to one second before midnight on Sep 12... Sunday - Saturday. 7 days of bioblitzing!
  2. Observations must be made within these DFW counties:

    Wise, Denton, Cooke, Collin, Hunt, Dallas, Rockwall, Kaufman, Tarrant, Parker, Hood, Johnson, Somervell, Ellis, and Navarro. Where you make the observation will determine which project it's added to. Although, ALL observations are added to this umbrella project, so they all count.
  3. Observations must be of wild (not cultivated or captive) organisms.

    So, no captive pets or cultivated plants will count. It's ok to observe these, but recognize that the project won't catch them.
  4. Observations need to have a photo or sound.

    Without these, the observation just stays casual grade. We'd like to see some sort of evidence of your observation.
  5. Observations need to be uploaded before the 18th.

    Try your best to get the uploaded sooner! The sooner you get your uploaded, the more likely they'll be ID'ed for the results given on the 18th.
  6. ID as many of the observations as you can!

    Start with ID'ing your own observations, and then, please, help out others with their observations. You learn a lot in the process!
  7. No need to join any project or be a master naturalist or anything like that.

    Observations that meet the above categories will automatically be added to these projects. :) I really hope that Master Naturalists will curate a lot of the observations made by all though.
  8. Respect points for the daily challenges!

    Each day, there will be a daily challenge of something to observe. Try to get these -- Sam will respect you. :)
  9. Tell others about this!

    The more engagement, the more folks involved, the more folks engaging with nature. That's a big deal. Also, at the end of this, Sam will write up a detailed report of the relevancy of this sort of event as the results are announced on Sep 18th.
  10. You MUST have FUN.

    Required. Demanded. Spend time engaging with nature during this time!
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Presentation on BioBlitz participation

Hey all,

Just in case you missed it, here is the 1.5 hour presentation on the bioblitz and participation:
The password is bioblitz (all lowercase, all one word).

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