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13 de marzo de 2016

Spring is coming! Be prepared to have a flooded dashboard... ;)

Had a great day yesterday of exploring -- spotted lots and lots and lots of critters and plants. Again, apologies for spamming up the dashboard, but I just couldn't contain my excitement (and camera finger!).

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29 de marzo de 2016

BioBlitz Training and lots of excitement!

I hope you have your calendars marked for April 22 and 23 for the Tandy Hills BioBlitz! Excitement abounds around this event, and we hope to get lots of participation from citizen scientists throughout the metroplex (and state!). For more details:

To prepare for this event, we'll be doing a few BioBlitz trainings. One will be this Sunday, April 3, from 1 to about 3 and another one will be on Monday, April 11, from 6:30 to around 8:30. Essentially, we will be going over how to use iNaturalist to document organisms through the apps and with a camera and the website.

Be sure to check back here frequently for more observations and for more details on the bioblitz!

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31 de marzo de 2016

Mark your calendars for Oct 14 - 16! Big Thicket adventures await!!!

I'm super excited. Well, more excited than normal. :)

As part of the NPS centennial celebration, a national park in TX has signed up! Props to @forester93 and @carrieseltzer for this wonderful idea of exploring these national parks and uploading our observations to iNaturalist. Hopefully it inspires the public even more to recognize what treasures we have and how important they are to preserve and protect.

I'm also quite excited to mention a Texas/southern US/wherever-you're-from get together at none other than the Big Thicket on October 14 - 16. Sure, it's six months away, but that's plenty of time to move other stuff around in your calendar so you can come to this! I've messaged a few folks and I'm quite excited that several people can come. If you want to come, and want to know some more of the details, send me an email or message here on iNat, and I'll add you to the list. I'll send out a bulk message sooner before later addressing some locations in the Big Thicket that we can explore together.

We'll likely get together on at least a couple of the evenings to enjoy camaraderie among naturalists and discuss our favorite observations.

So, if I haven't messaged you and you want to come, send me a message and I'll add you to the list.


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