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01 de junio de 2016

BioBlitz in Dallas - William Blair Park on Saturday, June 11

Hey friends, if you want to come out to a fun little bioblitz in Dallas, there's one going on at William Blair Park on Saturday, June 11 from 9 am to noon (or whenever you want to leave...). Fun little bit of info: this park has not been explored too much (at least on iNat), so know what we'll find! :)

Tag some folks that you think might be interested in this. I'll go ahead and start:
@aguilita @annikaml @ameec @andyk @apcorboy @atassin @beeblossomseeds @bob777 @briang @brentano @cari @cgritz @charley @chuckd @dfwuw @gregfw @griff @hawkilitle @interlibrarylowe @jblinde @jenniferkatestuart @karenkroesen @karinsaucedo @kimberlietx @kimberlywalks @krstldwn @bogslogger @magatr0n @marcie12h @mchlfx @melindawpajak @naturemom @ntc @phlank @picklepastures @rangerrick @rehb @rhgrayson @rjtaylor @ryan3 @sbetzen @txlorax @zooga1961

I'm sure that I'm leaving off lots of people, so share with your friends. It should be fun!

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28 de junio de 2016

Changes, Changes, Changes... The right way to deal with changes? (comments on the new dashboard look)

I, like many, MANY others, am certifiably addicted to iNaturalist. I only half-way joke when I tell people about getting an iNat tattoo. In my opinion it is by far the most powerful tool in a (current or future) naturalists' toolbox to learning about and sharing nature. It has and continues to revolutionize the way that I go outside. I also see this happening in others through first hand experience -- I've seen folks discover iNat and almost instantaneously become more interested in nature. It's such a good thing.

The community of naturalists that iNat caters to is impressive indeed. How many times have I posted a snail to have a malacologist ID it for me?!? How many times have I posted a little dinky weed and a botanist guides me to the right species? I'll toss up a dragonfly observation, and the genuine experts help me. This is revolutionary stuff. I believe this sort of thing can and does change the world -- or at least my view of the world.

When something changes, it causes a guttural reaction ("ugh") -- as mentioned earlier by @greglasley , I think, it's probably just human nature. I get comfortable with something, and then it changes -- causing me to feel uncomfortable again. This typically happens with technology in my case as I'm pretty much a luddite...

So, I'm curious how others deal with changes like these. Functionality of the dashboard is essentially the same, but it just looks and feels different. The same occurred with the new observations screen and the identify tool. They're great, but definitely different. Definitely uncomfortable to start out with.

So, what do you think of the new changes to iNat?

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