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22 de noviembre de 2019

Species unobserved by me... "&unobserved_by_user_id=sambiology"

So, I think it was the amazing curator/observer/identifier and all around rockstar @bouteloua that chimed me into the filter "&unobserved_by_user_id=sambiology" -- it's a fun thing to use after doing a search of the species in an area.

I've not really considered myself to be a "lifer" sort of person, but I do like seeing new organisms that I'd not seen before. :) Using this filter is a pretty easy way to see the things you'd not seen before. As iNat grows and grows, more species will be documented from specific areas, so the filters become more and more powerful. I'm using this filter for the species I've not seen in spots.

Try it sometime! Search for a place on the filters as you explore... say a county or specific park (that has a place in iNat already), and then copy/paste the "&unobserved_by_user_id=_" and replace the _ with your username.

You can filter by taxon too -- so I like to see what plants I've not seen in an area. I went down to Tyler County in southeast TX to Watson Rare Plant Preserve, so I explored the plant species (fine-tuning to species level) that have been observed there:

Then I wanted to see the plants that I'd not seen before:

Neat, huh?!? :)

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