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13 de julio de 2016

Quest for the commons!

So, I've been really enjoying the new observations screen the more I play with it (major kudos to @kueda @loarie @alexshepard @joelle @pleary ). It is also inspiring me to observe more of the common stuff... I know, I know, I know... I already observe LOTS of super common stuff, but the observation screen is providing me more reason to continue this.

For instance, when you search observations in Texas, view species, change the view to grid, then BAM -- you've got a digital field guide. Narrow it down to 'plants' or 'insects' and you've got the most frequently observed species in Texas. Narrow it down to county, and then you've got a species guide for that county/area... I'm loving it. :)

Some of the guides I like to use:

Birds of Texas:

Plants of Texas:

Dragonflies/Damselflies of Texas:

Now, these need to be filled up with the common critters/plants! Here's some more encouragement to observe stuff, even if it's super common. :)

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