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12 de mayo de 2022

Events going on in/near Dallas/Fort Worth for the next few months!

Hey all,

Just tossing up some of the iNat events/bioblitzes/gatherings happening in DFW for the next few months. All are welcome! :)

Monday, May 16: 3-7 PM - biosurveys at the new nature park in Duncanville - Ladd Natural Area -- close to 447 Oak Leaf Dr, Duncanville, TX 75137
32.633979, -96.918541

Saturday, May 21: early to late -- not close to DFW, but a bioblitz in Austin!

Monday, May 23: 4-7 PM - biosurvey at Benny J. Simpson Ecopark in Dallas - Coit @ McCallum - N - FS, Dallas, TX 75252
32.988630, -96.766786

Saturday, June 11: 9 AM - noon - bioblitz at TC Rice Jr Natural area in Carrollton -
2105 N Josey Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006
32.997715, -96.947701

Mothing events in July-- more details coming later! July 23 - Spring Creek Preserve in Garland; July 25 - River Legacy in Arlington; July 29 - John Bunker Sands in Seagoville; July 30 - Acton Nature Center.

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13 de mayo de 2022

Results... Amazing.

The City Nature Challenge was once again a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone that participated! Dallas/Fort Worth was a global hotspot for naturalists during this 4 day period -- the numbers show just that.

From April 29 through May 2, 2022, over 1300 naturalists documented around 3427 species in 42,500 observations. Numbers in the "thousands" are hard to envision, so here's a challenge: how many organisms can you name off the top of your head? How many bird species? How many plants? Just in the 10 counties that make up the DFW metroplex, we documented loads of species!!! If you want to dig through the results, here's the project page:

Let's look at some of the specific species documented... We documented 196 species of birds:
We documented 420 species of beetles:
We documented 85 grass species:
Play with these filters -- see how many different species of your favorite group of organisms that were documented in just these four days. Tremendous!

Some of the massive champions of the city nature challenge are the identifiers -- these are the individuals that spend time looking through observations, adding comments or identifications to the unknowns, welcoming new naturalists to the community, and learning a lot in the process. Big time thanks to these folks:

How did we compare with the rest of the state and the rest of the world? Here are the umbrella projects for the state ( and for the world ( State-wide, we were #1 in observations and #2 in both species and observers. Globally, we were #3 in observations (excluding the 'global project' for the naturalists that didn't have a city that participated in the City Nature Challenge), #5 in species, and #8 in observers. Amazing!

Let's talk relevancy... Who cares about these numbers? Obviously, we do! But more than that, we can use these numbers to justify that not only is there biodiversity here in the metroplex, but there is also an active constituency of naturalists that seek out and need this biodiversity. I use these numbers to demonstrate the need for wild areas in parks. Engaging with nature is a recreational act just as playing soccer or having a picnic is. Public park managers need to realize this and manage areas for us, and for the biodiversity that seeks out parks as refuges. Nature is necessary, and we've got the data to show it!

Huge thanks to all that participated in this city nature challenge. Go ahead and mark the calendars for next year: April 28 - May 1, 2023! Make sure to cancel all work/family/personal obligations to go outside and engage with nature!

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