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24 de febrero de 2016

Wildlife Society conference... Id'ing for others and the dreaded 'expert fatigue...'

I had the pleasure of going to the Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society conference last week in San Antonio -- I listened to some great research and got to meet some really incredible people! I was extremely lucky to meet several iNatters in person -- I was able to thank them first hand for sharing their expertise on iNaturalist. Especially enjoyed meeting/seeing again @connor22 @jonahevans @russellm08 @andygluesenkamp @cullen @mdwarriner @griff @rdenkhaus @ryan3 @marshamay @markklym and probably several others that I can't recall off hand... It was great to talk iNat with these folks too!

I did hear one thing over and over from folks that I was trying to introduce iNat to and from folks that have tried using it before: "Oh, it sounds like that takes up a lot of time..." With a smile and a wink, I said, "Yep, time well spent!" :)

It makes me think of something I remember reading about bugguide -- that experts were getting worn out from the repeated "what is this?" question... especially one accompanied with a cruddy image and/or not great location data... I wonder how much expert fatigue has already been going on in this network too.

I must admit, I spend many many hours each day on iNaturalist. Usually, as I lay in bed in the evening, I'm looking through observations and training myself to learn some names of critters. I've given up TV. I'm no longer following any sports. I've ditched facebook for the most part (although, I do use it to promote iNat). I think these are wonderful substitutions, and I genuinely enjoy spending time on iNat (help others and learn at the same time). It really makes me super happy! But it does make me wonder, "how many folks get into this sort of situation and then get worn out?"

I hope it's not occurring too frequently -- an expert logs in, helps out some folks, and then gets off because of the time devotion. I so appreciate all of the people that log in often to help out others and distribute their knowledge in ID'ing stuff (as well as posting some incredible observations!).

What do you think? Do you think iNat has the power to wear people out too? How is this remedied?

Think with me out loud, won't you?!? :)

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